In the Wakhan corridor – Part II

Varial Cédric

©Cédric Houin

Equipped with photo, video and sound paraphernalia, transported on the backs of donkeys laden with solar panels, they trekked 180 miles along that closed corridor, from the beginning of the Hindu Kush mountains to the western Himalayas and the border of china, to meet and document the lives of these villagers, farmers, herders and nomads, prisoners of this apogee of the world surrounded by almost impassable limits.

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Rosh Hashanah

Andrei Riskin

©Andrei Riskin - Rosh Hashanah, Uman, Ukraine, 2012

“This photo was taken in Uman, Ukraine— a place famous for hosting the yearly pilgrimage of twenty-five thousand Hassidic Jews on Rosh Hashanah. Most of them are drawn to the grave of Rabbi Nachman, the founder of the Breslov Hassidic movement who promised a year-long blessing to those who visit him on that Holiday. A few years prior to his passing away in the early 1800′s he moved to Uman from Breslov as he wanted to be buried next to those killed in a recent massacre. Throughout its history Ukraine was infamous for it’s anti-semitism  and oppression of its Jewish population, of which now there are hardly any remaining. The pilgrims, most of whom are very religious, seem to ignore the country’s grim past. Most just pray and celebrate their centuries-year-old tradition. » Andrei Riskin

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Alessandro Lovino presents – Part II

Alessandro Lovino

©Alessandro Lovino, all rights reserved – India

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The Supermoon

Oleg Artemyev

©Oleg Artemyev

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev, orbiting the Earth on the International Space Station, posted stunning pictures of the Supermoon on Twitter and the web.

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La petite fille au lapin

Jean Dieuzaide

©Jean Dieuzaide – La petite fille au lapin, Portugal, 1953.

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Exploding the rules

Diane Arbus: exploding the rules

©Diane Arbus – Exploding the rules

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Lower East Side

Lower East Side, New York (1969) by James Karales3

©James Karales – Lower East Side, New York – 1969

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Alessandro Lovino presents

Alessandro Lovino

©Alessandro Lovino, all rights reserved – India

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Bidi factory

Sayed Asif Mahmud

©Sayed Asif Mahmud - Two women remove dust from thrashed tobacco in a factory. Atmosphere inside a bidi factory is extremely toxic and dusty. In the long run workers suffer from serious physical hazard. Haragach, Rangpur, February 2008.


About a year after Sayed Asif Mahmud began hanging around Bangladesh’s bidi factories to document those who make the hand-rolled cigarettes with low-grade tobacco, a cheap and popular alternative for pre-packaged ones across southeast Asia, he stopped. “I’m always in a dilemma with whether I’m the right person to tell someone else’s story,” he tells TIME. “Why am I doing this? For me or for them?”

Read more: Inside Bangladesh’s Cheap Cigarette Factories – LightBox


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found photo

©Credits not found

More photos of old New York.

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Missile in Shijaiyah

Adel Hana/Associated Press

©Adel Hana

July 20, 2014: Smoke rises after an Israeli missile hit the Shijaiyah neighborhood in Gaza City. The neighborhood came under heavy tank fire Sunday as Israel widened its ground offensive against Hamas, causing hundreds of panicked residents to flee.

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After tuition in Mumbai

Schoolchildren walk through an alley after attending private tuition at a slum in Mumbai

©Danish Siddiqui – Schoolchildren walk through an alley after attending private tuition at a slum in Mumbai July 16, 2014.


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School for displaced persons

Ibraheem Abu Mustafa on July 19

©Ibraheem Abu Mustafa – Pictures of Palestinians staying at a United Nations-run school in Rafah – July 19, 2014.

The number of displaced persons in Gaza doubled in one day and more than 25,000 Palestinians moved into UNRWA schools only on July 18, 2014. The number of displaced Palestinians seeking shelter in UNRWA schools in Gaza has now equaled the peak number from the 2008/9 conflict, and exceeds 50,000 in 44 schools. UNRWA is now warning that its funds and supplies are running critically low.

As death toll climbs to 343 on the 12th day of the Israeli assault on Gaza, “at least 73 Palestinian children have been reported killed as a result of airstrikes and shelling by Israeli aerial, naval and ground forces” UNICEF’s Catherine Weibel told AFP. She said the youngest was reportedly three months old and more than half of the children killed are under the age of 12.

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La Bourse de Tokyo par W. Klein

william klein - bourse De Tokyo - 1961

©William Klein – Bourse de Tokyo – 1961

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Sad cyclist

1954, New York, NY

©Vivian Maier1954, New York, NY

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